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Live Chat Software:

Cylosoft, Inc. offers a Live Chat Support Software add-in for our ASP.NET websites. This software support system allows your website to provide customer support to its viewers through an interactive live chat module. The value-adding chat system allows you to chat with your site visitors in real-time, offer instant help, and also track your website visitors and their feedback. The live chat’s flexibility and reliability can help your business get in touch with it’s valuable customer base.

Live Chat Features:

The Live Chat Support Software has a long list of beneficial features. Through using Live Chat your business has the ability to create unlimited departments and operators so you can provide solutions to a number of different customers throughout many aspects of your business. The Live Chat allows your business to customize your messenger pop-up with a photo or logo image, transfer chats throughout business departments and operators, log your chat history for later lookup, and lets your operator simultaneously transfer to many different ongoing chats. In addition to these features, Live Chat is also set up for offline message delivery. If an operator is not available for chat, your visitors will have the opportunity to leave a message for the next available time to chat.

The Live Chat Support Software also lets you monitor your business’ website visitors in real time. You can view the visitor’s browser type, country, host name, IP address, pages visited on the site, and referred address among many other things. This monitoring information can help you better understand your customer base and make strategic customer focused moves in the future.

costs for cylosoft hosted websites:

The Live Chat service can be added to your Cylosoft hosted website with no additional service fees, charges to the operator, or recurring monthly fees. One small upfront cost for unlimited chat useage is the only cost your business will experience. The Live Chat support module will be built right into your website so you don’t have to deal with continually paying a 3rd party chat provider for services. The Live Chat module will be yours, running through your very own domain name.

costs for any website:

Cylosoft also offers the world class Live Chat Software add-in to any ASP.NET serviced website for a low monthly fee. Cylosoft can build the chat module into your existing website’s code so you have the ability to offer instant chat support to your customers on the web. The low monthly fee will vary business to business depending on the amount of support needed, and also the number of representatives and departments served.
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