With award-winning tools to help merchants easily and effectively manage
their shopping cart software, we will help you through all phases of e-commerce development
including SEO, custom web design, newsletters, graphics, credit card setup, and more.




With features like Order Management at a Glance, BV Commerce provides technical solutions for non-technical merchants. Easily view a list of orders on an easy to filter screen. Pick out items that need attention at a glance using color-coded status buttons. The action drop down list provides quick access to common order tasks.


The base store includes product catalog, inventory management, credit card processing, shipping calculator, coupon codes and sales, SEO opportunities all built for responsive web design. Beyond the base store is a world of available customizations to suit your business’ individual needs, such as integration with accounting and shipping.


Internet connections can go down and traffic loads can go up. BV Commerce was designed to gracefully handle unpredictable conditions. Automatically recover shopping carts if a customer accidentally closes their browser. Accept orders even if your credit card gateway is unavailable or your real time shipping provider is experiencing a slowdown. If you can check your email you are able to run a store using BV Commerce. 


Your storefront has the potential to sell globally
and create a return on investment you only thought imaginable.
Invest the time and resources to fine tuning it and watch your business soar.


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